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                  • The main function
                  • Parameter index
                  • 1. Multilayer filtration system (washable pre-filter + HEPA filter + activated carbon filter + negative ion)

                    2. Particle sensor, automatic control of wind speed

                    3. Three colours show air quality

                    4. Three fan speeds

                    5. Four timer setting power off

                  • Rated voltage (V/Hz) 220/50

                    Rated input power (W) 25

                    Maximum Noise (dB(A)/Sound Power Level 55

                    CADR value of particulate matter (?/h) 120

                    CCM value P4 of particulate matter P2

                    CADR value of formaldehyde (?/h) 20

                    CCM Value of particle F2

                    Applicable area (㎡)14

                    Product size (mm) 210*210*310

                    N.M./G.W. (kg):2/1.5